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Casino bonus free slots and casino. 24 Sep
High Rollers Play. High Rollers Online Casino Bonuses and Videos. 8 May
High Rollers Online Casinos 26 Apr
Harrah’s Cherokee Casino in North Carolina State 17 Nov

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino in North Carolina State

Now you can play like the big boys at any one of our 100+ traditional games! Get in on the live card action located across the casino floor. Get your game face on! Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort invites you to join in on the fun and excitement of table games at our gambling getaway destination. With live dealers and real chips, our ultra-modern table games offer a unique format that keeps all the fun of traditional table games and adds the latest interactive technology. Whether you’re an experienced player or new to table games, every hand is a new opportunity to win!


Harrahs Cherokee Gaming Table Games 3
Take part in the fun with a fast-paced game of 21. Also known as Blackjack, this very popular game is known worldwide! The object is to get as close to 21 as possible while having your hand closer to 21 than the dealer’s. Everyone in Blackjack plays against the dealer… Source: Harrah’s Cherokee Casino

Ameristar Casino Resort, Black Hawk 26 Sep

Ameristar Casino Resort, Black Hawk

Located in the Rocky Mountains 40 miles west of Denver, Ameristar Casino Resort Spa Black Hawk offers an exceptional gaming and entertainment experience in the Denver metropolitan area. We offer a 56,000-square-foot casino; a luxury full-service hotel with 536 well-appointed rooms, including 64 suites; a roof-top pool; five dining and entertainment venues; a full-service luxury day spa; 15,000 square feet of meeting and event space; and the largest parking garage in the market.

Source: Ameristar Casino Resort, Black Hawk
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Max Pescatori giocatore professionista italiano 3 May

It’s like when you’re listening to a live concert: emotions and involvement are much stronger than when you wear headphones to listen to your favorite music or even when you turn on the home stereo sound. In short, live is all another thing.

It’s like when you’re listening to a live concert: emotions and involvement are much stronger than when you wear headphones to listen to your favorite music or even when you turn on the home stereo sound. In short, live is all another thing.

The online casino operators have also understood it, which undoubtedly represents the relatively new but well-established reality of gambling. And if there could still be a “gap” between ground-based and online gambling houses, now this “vacuum” has also been filled.

There are more and more, in fact, the online AAMS authorized online casinos that have introduced, among the already great possibilities offered, to play with live dealers.

It plays like in “classic” online casinos, but the extraordinary difference is that you have a professional croupier at your disposal – a man in a jacket and tie or a woman with elegant clothes. So all these players are contented, so a “human touch” – as far as filtered by a screen – still makes the difference.

The benefits of casinos with live dealers

Max Pescatori giocatore professionista italianoWhat can you do “more” in a live casino? You will definitely have the chance to “get in” really in the game, listening to the noises of the table, interacting with the croupier and other enthusiasts. You will also be able to see what happens to the game tables, get started and study the strategies of perhaps more experienced players, thanks to the cameras placed in some land-based casinos that allow a virtual tour in the various rooms.

Some online gamers have also hired celebrities to make the atmosphere of live games even more exciting: many enthusiasts would be willing to do anything – and therefore surely raise their bet – to get the cards dealt by a famous player!

Lottomatica, for example, chose as a croupier for two special events Max Pescatori , one of the world’s most celebrated poker pros, literally sending fans of gambling.

AAMS casinos with live dealers

Live dealerMore and more casinos are being equipped to offer live gaming to their customers.

Live Casino offers live-action roulette, blackjack and baccarat – certainly the most fun games in this game mode – with croupiers ready to interact with the enthusiasts.

The William Hill Live Casino also allows you to play blackjack and roulette with a real dealer who handles the stakes: the atmosphere is exactly that of a real casino.

And again, on StarCasino you can enjoy live games enjoying interesting welcome bonuses.

Finally, Titanbet is expecting great classics – blackjack and roulette – with plenty of tables and bonuses.

In short, we can “steal” the slogan at and say: ” More real than you can not! “. It’s really true: the atmosphere of live games is really amazing.

Try to believe.

commissario prefettizio zappalorto 3 May

Vittorio Zappalorto, Prefectural Commissioner, is working hard to allow the Venice Casino to return to the splendor of a time.

Vittorio Zappalorto, Prefectural Commissioner, is working hard to allow the Venice Casino to return to the splendor of a time.

Those who are going through the gambling market in Italy , and especially the Casino of Venice, are frantic days. The weeks and months to come will be key to understanding whether the Venetian gaming room can solve all or at least its problems. What is certain is that the prefectural commissioner Vittorio Zappalorto has already set in motion.

Not without some hiccups, and that’s where we want to start. Yesterday, Zappalorto signed a resolution titled ” Act on Addressing Contingent Liabilities and Retention Policies, as well as on intra-group mobility procedures “, but the signature did not arrive.

The resolution, which of course also concerns the companies that currently run the Casino of Venice , for the time stays in stand by. It is still unclear whether the signature has only been postponed or whether the act will be modified or even canceled. What is certain is that Zappalorto wants to see us clearly and be sure, before giving way to anything.

The meeting with trade unions

Meanwhile, the Venetian USB secretary, Giampietro Antonini , has urgently asked to speak with the prefecture commissioner. The topics that will be addressed concern some of the issues related to the Casino of Venice and the Municipality’s participation, as well as home care.

As far as the gaming room is concerned, the union has clear ideas on some points of discussion. First of all, the non-return of about 20 million euros, which the Casino of Venice has lent to several customers, but which have not yet come back. Additionally, USB wants to discuss the role of chemin de fer and the management of the Meeting & Dining service .

Probably the most interesting topic is – as already mentioned in recent weeks – the possibility of retiring 13 dealers who have earned the rights, which would allow the casino to save over 1.3 million euros. They will not be decisive, but they are still very comfortable considering the situation.

Immediately 4 million euros

commissario prefettizio zappalortoThe same Zappalorto himself, on the day before yesterday, announced the will to implement a maneuver that would allow the Casino of Venice to save 4 million euros in abundance, thanks to some interventions on the staff that the commissioner explained with full details of the acronyms Trade unions.

The action plan, studied with the general manager of the casino, Marco Agostini , and industry executives, foresees a 30% cut on incentives for special projects and bonuses for casinos and office managers. The hope is that these are only the first, fundamental, steps towards the revival of the Casino of Venice .

aresto a slovenia 3 May

In that Venice, the Prefectural Commissioner has set in motion to improve the casino’s performance; Curious ‘accident’ for a player coming from Nova Gorica.

In that Venice, the Prefectural Commissioner has set in motion to improve the casino’s performance; Curious ‘accident’ for a player coming from Nova Gorica.

Vittorio Zappalorto , Prefectural Commissioner of the City of Venice , is beginning to move to try to put the ground playground in the water. Will it give you a real hand, before the elections that next spring will establish the new municipal council?

Casino of Venice, part of the credit recovery

Vittorio Zappalorto and Marco Agostini , commissioner prefettizio the one, general manager of the casino the other. The two have started to work in concert to secure a fundraiser at the Casino of Venice . First of all, it is ready to cut 30% on incentives for special projects and allowances for inspection staff and office managers. So, as the unions have pointed out, we will have to recover some 20 million euros of loans to unreported customers. Always in attendance the retirement of 13 dealers, who have reached the age requirements: the annual saving would be 1.3 million euros.

aresto a sloveniaPlayer arrested: he did not want to declare the winnings

From China to Italy, Italy to Slovenia, Slovenia … to prison. A ten-year-old Chinese resident in Teramo Province had gone to a casino in Nova Gorica where he managed to win a good sum of 20,000 euros. Stopped by the Guardia di Finanza , the man first claimed to have only 3,000 euros with himself, then tried to bribe officials who had discovered the entire sum.

Clearly the man was tried for very straight and now he will have to spend a year and six months behind the bars, as well as having lost all 20,000 euros.

Malta to all gaming

Malta’s Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Economic Growth , José Herrera , during a gambling event reported that 12% of the island’s gross domestic product came from gambling. Despite having less than half a million inhabitants, there are over 250 authorized game players in Malta, which work around 8,000 people. A flourishing business, which naturally generates a positive induction also in other areas.

arresto ad Antlantic CityFive suspects arrested for robbery at Caesars in Atlantic City

Ten days ago, Caesars Casino in Atlantic City suffered considerable theft: $ 181,000. After lengthy and intense searches, police forces arrested five people (four men and one woman), including a young guard who worked right in the playroom. The charges are many and range from robbery to aggravated assault.

Also at GTA 5 you will be able to play at the casino

GTA 5 was one of the most popular console games (and soon for PCs) last season. One of the upcoming DLC announcements will allow players to enter a casino and try some mini-games. According to the latest rumors, it seems that you will be able to enjoy blackjack , poker and roulette .

slot machine flowers 3 May

We are in the middle of summer, though until now the weather was not very clement with the Italians on vacation.We hope, however, that the time of the “solleone” has finally come.

We are in the middle of summer, though until now the weather was not very clement with the Italians on vacation.We hope, however, that the time of the “solleone” has finally come.

All in vacation, in short … and the casino?

Many land games houses organize tournaments and evenings with music and fun. And, of course, online casinos do not go right there.

So, under the umbrella by train or waiting for the plane, fans can try out the summer games offered on the net.

Let’s see some.

Slot Machine Flowers

slot machine flowersThis is a floral world slot, produced by the NetEnt giant, available in some of the online AAMS licensed online casinos .

The symbols are just the colorful, colorful flowers, which during the various stages of play play special powers in the event of a winning combination.

Flowers consists of up to 30 betting lines and 5 rolls. The Wild symbol, represented by the sun, acts as a jolly and can replace any symbol, except for the Scatter.

slot machine twin spinTwin Spin Slot Machine

This slot, always made by NetEnt , is a sort of tribute to slots with the most classic symbols such as cherries, diamonds and Bar. Elegant and a bit vintage style Las Vegas style, funky background music , The Twin Spin slot also offers two ” modern ” new features to its players: the abolition of classic winning lines in favor of a gameplay mode called ” 243 modes “, and the Twin Reel feature, which makes every turn There are at least two twin rollers.

Slot Machine Lights

slot machine lightsThis is a slots – always produced by NetEnt – set in a wonderful and relaxing eastern landscape at sunset. Music, unlike many other slots , is soft: this is a game suitable for those who want to relax.

Excellent graphics and design features this 5-reel slot and 9 payment lines.

slot machine lost islandSlot Lost Island

Another NetEnt masterpiece , Lost Island will immerse you in a deserted island full of mysteries to discover. 5 reels and 20 paylines feature this slots that transform each player into an ” Indian Jones “.

Slot Harvest

slot machine harvestSummer: love time. And just romance is the theme of this Microgaming slot, where protagonists are a boy and a girl in love working in the countryside.

It is a 5-reel slot machine and 20 betting lines; It features Wild Stacked Symbols, Scatter, Re-spin and Free Spins modes.

Online mobile casino

All of these slots – and many other games – are available not only on your PC but also on mobile devices, Apple and Android .

And in the summer, this gameplay has always been more important, because it allows you to play wherever you are: on the beach, by train, lying on a hammock in a countryside garden.

Of course, tablet and cellular gaming offerings are not as large as those of the desktop version of casinos, but great classics such as roulette and blackjack , video poker and the inevitable slots are still available.

In short, you can enjoy yourself in safety and anonymity while enjoying your well-deserved holidays!

Look at bonuses and promotions!

We recommend that you keep track of the sites of your favorite online casinos: in the summer, there are more bets and bonuses to encourage you to play.

Also consider taking part in tournaments: with fewer players than other times of the year, the chances of winning will increase.

Have fun and have fun at all!

Red Hot Double Sizzling jackpot 3 May

Particular signs: It has almost a hundred years, is Europe’s largest gaming home, was designed by world renowned architect Mario Botta. It is the casino of Campione d’Italia, the last Italian enclave in Swiss territory.

Particular signs: It has almost a hundred years, is Europe‘s largest gaming home, was designed by world renowned architect Mario Botta. It is the casino of Campione d’Italia, the last Italian enclave in Swiss territory.

Here you can enjoy the thrill of the game, have fun and challenge the goddess banded in a special atmosphere and always rich in events and shows.

And, looking at how you got the winnings of this first part of 2014, you can also hope to get out there.

The protagonists were mainly slot machines .

Let’s see what were the luckiest months.


It was a fortunate month that gave incredible winnings to casino enthusiasts.

Red Hot Double Sizzling jackpotThe first, in the afternoon of February 2, gave an Italian 50,000 franchise player to the slot SD-5 ; The day after the SP 8 Mystical Mermaid Party Time slot, more than 30,000 euros were won by another Italian client resident in Switzerland, while on the evening of February 5, the new Italian player, affectionate customer, won 20,000 euros at the BC 2 slot. The triumphal week for slot players at Campione d’Italia ended on Day 8 with the jackpot prize of 29,000 francs at the MA 5 Red Hot Double Sizzling slot.

But luck has not stopped being the protagonist the following week, where there were another three slot winnings.

And what about the evening of February 19, when a loyal Swiss player saw his reward with 104,000 francs ?


Loyalty Rewards : The third month of the year has given money to players who are athletic frequenters of the Sample Casino .

At the 26th entry of the year, a player from Varese won over 36,000 francs at slot 2159-SA 1 . And after having crossed the casino ten times in 2014 , his countryman had brought home more than 20,000 at the CQ 8 slot the day before: yet, another very loyal on March 14, slammed the SD 3 slot by winning 50,000 francs .

But luck, at Campione d’Italia , seems not to have forgotten even occasional players: a Canadian player, at his first entry, won 27,000 francs at the MD 6 slot.


No stops in April, with new, extraordinary winnings: 30,000 francs at the Super Cherry 5000 slot, 62,000 francs at the CH 14 slot, over 25,000 francs at slot 1479-CQ 14 , about 20,000 francs at slot 1730-SI 1 , only To name a few.

May and June

Casino Campione d'ItaliaEven in the late spring to early summer period, the Casino of Champion continued to win important figures, especially thanks to slots: 25,000 francs were won on May 22, 20,000 five days later. Then, in June, a prize of 50,000 (twice), 30,000 and 60,000 francs made the joy of other enthusiasts.

In short, the first six months of the year were really magical at the Champion Casino .

Who knows what the second part of the year will hold us: we are ready to bet that luck will not go on vacation and that we will soon be here to tell you about new big winnings.

gioca slot machine online 3 May

Like any casino game, the slot machine also carries a series of legends that do not really have any kind of foundation.

Like any casino game, the slot machine also carries a series of legends that do not really have any kind of foundation.

Myths on slot machines are like the Idra, the nine-headed serpent of Greek mythology: every time one of them is out, there are two more. Today we want to talk about four rather recent myths that we will soon be able to dispel.

Fixed casters, low payouts

The first myth concerns the belief that some Bally Technologies Wheel Wheel of Fortune games from the International Game Technology or Vegas Hits offer low payouts because the wheels are somehow set.

Nothing more fake. Wheels, such as normal slot rollers, are handled by a random number generation system. In practice, the odds of winning and the amount of money won do not differ, including jackpots. The myth arises from the fact that, of course, a higher number of random numbers is assigned to the lowest payouts, so you will win smaller jackpots more often than the jackpots.

Video slots are cooler

gioca slot machine onlineMany think that video slots pay less than normal slots. Since they are virtually computer programs, so many believe that programmers adjust them to lessen their chances of winning.

False. If we do so, even normal slots are computers, even if disguised. Even here, it is always the random number generation system to make it a master. What you see on the rollers or slots video is just an interface for the user, a visual representation created to make the game interesting and fun.

If video slots offer a lower payback rate than classic rolls, it’s because video slots can usually be played with lower payout denominations (so-called penny games). The more you need to invest in playing a slot, the higher the payout.

The bonuses are fixed

According to this myth, winnings during round bonuses are predetermined: if our choice made a difference, the casino would not know how to count the bonus when scheduling the payout percentage.

This is not true either. Programmers fix all the possibilities that determine the chances of the game. In the long run, all chances will happen (from the most likely to the less likely), thus creating an average bonus value that is absolutely calculable.

Mistery jackpot, bet less is better

vinci jackpotLast Myth: In slots with hidden progressive jackpots , with which you can win no matter what you aim for, it’s best to bet the minimum.

False. Mystery Jackpots can be programmed in many different ways, but the most common is to make a random number select a certain type of jackpot, within parameter data. If a jackpot is to be paid between 500 and 1,000 euros, and the random generator selects € 798.54, then the player whose wager gets the counter to that digit will be the one who will unlock the jackpot.

Since progressive jackpots are created by a percentage of all bets, those who invest more are more likely to push the jackpot to the full payout. Whoever points the minimum does not acquire any advantage: in fact, decreases its chances.

marco cambiaso casino di sanremo 3 May

2013 closed in useful, the new smoking room, new games and much enthusiasm. And patience if the municipality asks about 450,000 euros more per year.

2013 closed in useful, the new smoking room, new games and much enthusiasm. And patience if the municipality asks about 450,000 euros more per year.

Summer, you know, is the holiday season for excellence. Not for some categories, however, such as bathing establishments, which in summer work as never before. Even casinos do not joke, as the hot months are ideal to attract new customers, especially if the room rises in a holiday resort.

The perfect example is that of the City of Flowers: the Casino of Sanremo , just in recent months, seems to have embarked on the right path to get out of the crisis that has hit the industry several years ago, and even if the patient is not yet Healed, he certainly does not seem to be in danger of life anymore.

All the novelties of the Sanremo Casino

marco cambiaso casino di sanremoJust summer is the ideal time to launch new ideas and proposals. Marco Cambiaso , who is part of the board of the game room, knows it well: in addition to regular customers, during the beautiful season there are also tourists staying in Sanremo or in the nearby resorts.

Adventurers, for example, can find, for example, the brand new smoking room for slot machines , taking advantage of the fact that 69 new machines have recently been introduced. Cambiaso , who underlined that after seven years the Casino of Sanremo has begun to improve the cashes, he also talked about new games for traditional games, especially chemin de fer.

The Sanremo Casino’s new policy also includes tighter spending control and budget review, also useful for boosting the game’s image. Without forgetting the contribution of the territory, fundamental in both directions. Though…

We will say, the casino in the city’s help

Casino di VeneziaAlready, though for the moment it is more the Casinos to help Sanremo , which viceversa. In fact, the municipal council has decided that the percentage of the entrances of the game room destined for the local administration will go from 12% per annum to 13%. A move that the City Council judges as necessary to balance the budget. On the other hand, there are more than 18 million euros.

So, the casinos that the Casino of Sanremo can hold for themselves fall to 87% each year. Not an unsustainable expense, as the room last year was able to close in useful. In any case, according to forecasts, as early as 2014, the game room will have to pay in the coffers about € 450,000 more.

And the other casinos?

Sanremo is the casino that contributes most to the economic livelihood of the territory that hosts it. In fact, the Casino of Saint Vincent annually grants 10% of the revenue to the regional administration.

More complex speech for the casinos in Venice and Campione d’Italia , where the contributions take place in different ways.